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Where the students take control.

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Single Dorm | Campus Bath | Terrace

Hello, and welcome to J-university, an environment where all of your educational and social needs will advance along with your skills. Our professors and staff will be certain to take special and extensive care of our students and to cultivate their abilities. We have on staff a strong line of intelligent and disciplined professors, insuring that the future that lies ahead after graduation will welcome your intelligence with open arms.

Our campus is full of friendly, albeit eccentric, peoples among both the student body and the staff. We take great pride in our diversified student body, within which you should never feel alone. Toward the purpose of smooth communication and integration, we encourage, but do not mandate, sharing a room with another student. Even though we discourage any overly intimate relations with your professors, we do encourage you to report to them should you have any conflict with peers or studies. We have a zero tolerance for rough play (serious or not), and if you are caught fighting within campus boundaries you will be expelled. There are no exceptions to this rule. At J-University, your future and education will be protected.

Classes are available for registration as of July 31st, 2006.

These include:
Design {Business, style, media influence, art, and history}

Art {influence, style, theory, and practice}
Photography (Black & white)

Music {Bands, influence, style, theory, law, visual, and practice}

Before you even consider joining be certain you can apply to the below rules. Keep in mind logs can and will contain homosexual interactions and if you feel uncomfortable with that fact I strongly suggest you think twice about joining. And please, please KNOW YOUR MUSE.

1.) Applications must be 100% complete and in a specific format. (See below 'Rules' for the appropriate application setting.) A sample post will not be required.

2.) You may claim a total of three muses.

3.) Please avoid OOC (out of character) drama. If a conflict between one player and another grows to an extent that their muses are being affected, the offending player(s) will be given a warning before being completely cut. Please handle all private business away from the community.

4.) Write using proper English, to the very best of your ability. In other words... nawt lyk dis. <3

5.) Roleplaying will take place primarily on AIM.

6.) Logs are encouraged and should be posted as often as possible. Before posting a log, however, please make sure to rate, title, specify the muses within the log, and identify a setting. A summary of the desired log is optional, though strongly suggested, and all logs rated R or NC-17 will be friends locked.

7.) If you fail to write in your muse's journal or post a log in the community within a month you will be cut. If you would like to take a break from roleplay, or if you will be unable to appear in the community for a certain time, a hiatus notification is welcome and, in fact, encouraged. If you are cut for any particular reason you must wait two weeks before rejoining as a different (or the same) muse, depending on how serious your reason for being cut is.

8.)The room number your muse will occupy shall be stated upon approval, as well as the floor number. A room mate will also be assigned at random unless a mod is consented on private plans between two players and their muses concerning room sharing. Single bunking is allowed, just claim your character to be living solo in a the 'comments' section of your application.

9.) Upon approval, visit this post Friends listing. and add everyone to your muse's friends list.

10.) Have fun and don't be afraid to contact any of the mods for questions or concerns! Be friendly to one another and post, post, post!

Professor (View the above classes to specify which class your muse will teach.)
Student (Be sure to state your desired class or classes.)
Vice Principal* (Contact mod if you are interested.)
Librarian (Three librarians will be accepted at a maximum.)
Nurse (Two nurses will be accepted at a maximum.)

When making a claim, please title the post subject 'Claim - blahblah' and then replace 'blahblah' with your muse's name. This applies to the entry tag as well.

Your Journal: (If you would like to remain anonymous to the community, contact Isabelle (email - aya_amai@hotmail.com // aim - hxmx crash traps).
Muse's Band:
Contact Me: (Please state your AIM username and journal here. Your muse will be contacted through this specified screen name and journal.)
Position: (Available positions are listed above. If you would like to suggest another job relating to the campus, please notify me! Ideas are welcome!)
Class(es): (If you are interested in having your muse apply for a teaching position, this section would be identifying the specific class your muse teaches. However, if you are a student this section would list the classes or class taken up.)
Goal: (Your muse's desired goal will be presented here, if they happen to have one. If it's private then state so.)
Comments: (If there is anything you feel we need to know, let us know here.)


(Muse's Journals: r_ingo_patrol, kanon_bawl | AIM: Hxmx Crash Traps)


Reserved: Kyo (Dir en grey)

Principal: Shiina Ringo
Muse's band: Solo, Tokyo Jihen
Contact: r_ingo_patrol | AIM: With red wine

Vice Principal: Niikura Kaoru
Muse's Band: Dir en grey
Contact:cagekaoru | AIM: Kiminosakura

Professor: Mana
Muse's Band: Moi dix Mois
Contact: mortfille | AIM: curry hat
Class(es): Fashion

Professor: Reina
Muse's Band: ADOLF
Contact: reinaxpain | AIM: sadpinkmachine
Class(es): Art History

Professor: Yu~ki
Muse's Band: Ex-MALICE MIZER
Contact: latentximage | AIM: Chocolat Fanatic
Class(es): Photography

Librarian: Aie
Muse's Band: deadman
Contact: 701125 | AIM: aie kara
Class(es): N/A

Secretary: Mako
Muse's Band: deadman
Contact: x_x_mako | AIM: Be this eye
Class(es): N/A

Student: Asagi
Muse's Band: D
Contact:suriipa | AIM: powdersugarroses
Class(es): Design - All requirements / Art - Photography
Dorm: 2nd Floor (#138 with Juka)

Student: Bou
Muse's Band: An Cafe
Contact: boulicious | AIM: amai bou
Class(es): Music - all requirements / Art - Photography and Film-making
Dorm: 1st Floor (Room#44)

Student: Juka
Muse's Band: Ex-Moi Dix Mois
Contact:latelylonelil_y | AIM: Devils Play Song
Position: Student
Class(es): Design - All requirements / Music - All Requirements.
Dorm: 2nd Floor (Room#138 with Asagi)

Student: Kanon
Muse's Band: An Cafe
Contact: kanon_bawl | AIM: Kanon Bawl
Class(es): Music - all requirements / Art - Photography / Design - Fashion
Dorm: 2nd Floor (Room#113 with Ruki)

Student: Kei
Muse's band: Kannivalism
Contact: carameldrops | AIM: non delicacy
Class(es): Design - Fashion / Art - Cartoon, Photography / Music -Strings
Dorm: 1st Floor (Room#98 with Ryo)

Student: Miku
Muse's Band: An Cafe
Contact: merri_king | AIM: x0nyappy0x
Class(es): Design- Fashion / Art-Photography / Music - all requirements
Dorm: 2nd Floor (Room#140)

Student: Ruki
Muse's Band: Gazette
Contact: gaze_rocker | AIM:XxRukixX
Class(es): Art – sculpture, photography / Music - All requiremnts
Dorm: 2nd floor (Room#113 with Kanon)

Student: Ryo
Muse's band: kannivalism
Contact:kodamaryo | AIM: KodamaRyo
Class(es): Design - Fashion / Art - Cartoon, Photography / Music - String
Dorm: 1st Floor (Room#98 with Kei)

Student: Ryu
Muse's band: LARA
Contact:a_sepia_soul | AIM: Ryu chan x3
Class(es): Design - Computer / Art - Photography / Music - string
Dorm: 2nd Floor (Room#174)

Student: Sakito
Muse's Band: Nightmare
Contact: gaylimpic_ebisu | AIM: xchibaismx
Class(es): Design - fashion, computers / Art - photography (black and white)
Dorm: 1st Floor (Room#35)

Student: Shou
Muse's Band: Alice nine
Contact: star_trick | AIM: Kazamasa rabu
Class(es): Design - Fashion / Art - Painting / Music - all requirements
Dorm: 1st Floor (Room#89)

Student: Toshiya
Muse's Band: Dir en grey
Contact: bluerosetotchi | AIM: totchikochou
Class(es): Design - All requirements / Art - all requirements
Dorm: 1st Floor (Room#56)

Student: Uruha
Muse's Band: Gazette
Contact: uglysky | AIM: Uruha no Ducky
Class(es): Fashion, architecture, Black and White print/Photography and Strings.
Dorm: 2nd Floor (Room#139)
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