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-Unavailable- I'm noting a period of unavailability for my baby here… 
12th-Aug-2006 11:47 am

I'm noting a period of unavailability for my baby here ;^;, that's kodamaryo (Ryo of kannivalism). This is mostly with actual rp time, I should be able to update his journal without fault. I'm moving, on-campus to off, and until I get my loan monies I simply wont have the means to get myself on the internet at my new home.

That's not to say I wont ever be on during this time, it's just going to be far more sporadic, as I'll be using my schools comp labs, and I can't download aim onto them. Whenever I get the chance though I'll get my butt on Aim Express, and for those of you that use gmail and their awesome little msnger~ you can contact me @ asocialdevice@gmail.com. Just let me know which boy you're looking for.

This shouldn't last very long, at most until mid September. I'm sorry to those of you whom I may be inconvienceing, I'll try my best to keep up w/ ya'll and your boys. _ _)m

Effective Aug. 13/14

Ryo's ganna be starting the semster a bit late I geuss _ _)m

-Ryo's mun, Bon
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