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Where the students take control.
8th-Aug-2006 11:02 pm
Title: Beginnings
Rating: PG-13 for language
Characters: Ruki, Kanon

Ruki woke gradually, eyes only sliding open reluctantly after a long moment. He emitted a slight groan as the sunlight filtered through the blinds, harsh to his eyes which had become accustomed to the darkness. His head throbbed a slow pattern, his stomach churning.

All things considered, Ruki felt he’d had a good first night away from home.

He twisted his head uncomfortably on the pillow, glancing over at the clock which read 1:37P.M in a large red font. Groaning once more, Ruki was however glad to realise that lessons didn’t start for a few more days. He still had 2.5 days to sort his act out. He wasn’t getting into masses of debt for no reason; he would attend lessons, not get distracted by too many girls, and not stay out drinking until 3am every weekday. Ruki was going to complete his degree, and once he had, then he could bum around for several years before he found a job.

Even as he thought this to himself, head thumping away, Ruki knew he wasn’t really thinking about this Takanori Matsumoto. All in all, it was decided, university promised to be the longest party he’d ever been to.

Normally in the hours of the blazing afternoon, Kanon found himself strolling along the campus to endure in time passing activities, for his classes usually begun later on in the evening. Yesterday Kanon's reluctant roommate had arrived for the first time, and Kanon assured himself he would be astray from his dorm a great deal of today, to avoid any confrontation. It wasn't that Kanon didn't approve of Ruki, not at all; it was merely his helpless fear of new faces and personalities that rubbed him the wrong way. He knew that as time progressed they would befriend one another (at least he hoped), so maybe there really was no use trying run from the other mysterious male.

After accompanying himself to a rather unhealthy lunch (consisting of pizza, chilly fries, and a scoop of mouth-watering strawberry ice cream), the content and satiated student entered his beloved dorm, releasing a relieved sigh into the scented fresh air. Normally he opened a window or two to allow natural venting within the area, for the heat never seemed to please him, but his lifestyle could soon be changing dramatically with a new body inhabiting his home. Or really, their home.

"Hnn..." Kanon emitted that gentle tune into the uncomfortable atmosphere he began feeling, just knowing he wasn't alone anymore, and casually made his way towards the low rise oak coffee table where he then sat upon his knees to resume his previous attempt to study - for Photography class of course.

Ruki grinned to himself as he heard the click the door made as it opened and closed. He’d met Kanon briefly in the late afternoon, and they’d swapped names, before Ruki wandered down the hall and off to investigate the Student Union bar for the evening.

He watched as the other entered the room, pottered about for a few moments before busying himself at a desk with a pile of books. Ruki observed the slightly uncomfortable manner in which Kanon moved, pondering to himself if he were either completely socially inept or disabled. He assumed the first and the grin remained plastered onto his face.

He continued his silent study of the other boy for a long moment - pretending to remain asleep - before he finally spoke.

“What’re you doing?”

Kanon remained engulfed in his studies for several silent moments, until he heard a rather deep voice interrupt the comfortable silence. He was barely used to the foreign tone, in fact he couldn't even recognize it at all, and it caused a muffled gasp to escape his full, parted lips. He canted his head of black strands at the other man's direction, then sighed. Of course… it was his roommate.

"Just studying…before photography class comes around." He now nibbled on his lower lip by default habit, examining Ruki directly in his eyes.

Ruki snorted slightly at his obviously flustered roommate, before he took into consideration the words he had just spoken.

“Studying? For photography?” If he could have suppressed his grin he may have looked shocked and appalled at the prospect, but another thought quickly occurred to him. “You’re an art kid, though?” He paused to study Kanon’s form. “You don’t look like one…” he trailed off as he sat up in the bed, the covers falling to his waist, revealing his bare chest.

Averting his gaze suddenly to the books atop the table, Kanon took Ruki's wonders into deep contemplation. //What the hell is this guy's problem? I don't look like an art student? I didn't think there was a defined appearance...// Of course he couldn't voice these thoughts, but he thought them nonetheless. Instead he merely shrugged, upset at none other than himself for lacking the ability to defend himself.

Ruki just managed to suppress the need to curse at his obvious problem of a socially decrepit roommate, instead letting out a loud sigh. He debated briefly whether to stay in bed for a while longer – he didn’t have anything to do today after all – but soon his curiosity peaked.

This time, as he swung his tartan pyjama-clad legs out of the bed and rose to his feet, he couldn’t suppressed the string of explicatives that found their way out of his mouth as the searing pain hit his head. Ruki reached his hand up to his forehead with a groan, coursing fingers through tousled peroxide blond hair in a hopeless attempt to alleviate the pain somewhat.

Once he had his bearings, and the pain subsided to a dull thud once more, he slowly made his way towards the other boy, peering over Kanon’s shoulder at the pages in front of him.

Kanon ceased all movement and strained dramatically to maintain his focus below, at his beloved textbook, for concentration at this point seemed dire. It was the obvious harsh, bone-chilling groan the platinum blond man released into the air that then had Kanon thinking even more so intently - it seemed Kanon mainly thought as opposed to speaking, which was just dandy in his opinion.

He was certain he had just welcomed either a party animal, a devoted student whom focused on his studies until insane hours of the morning, or a helpless slacker. He doubted choice B, but the remaining two seemed very likely. It just wasn't natural to abuse slumber this late in the afternoon, so Kanon's thought.

Paranoia crept along his partially bent spine, which caused him to lean backward ever so slowly and then tilt his head backward, until his deep, milky brown irises met Ruki's own clouded orbs - he then declared choice A. “Yes?" The latest comment Ruki spewed didn't exactly please Kanon, and in result he felt a weak, pathetic urge to fight back.

Ruki grinned down at the other, quite aware that his breath was probably less-than-fresh and tinted with the scent of alcohol and smoke from the night before. “Nothing,” he spoke clearly now, his voice tinged with slight amusement. “I just wanted to see your work.”

With that he moved to the other side of the low table, seating himself cross-legged facing the brunette expectantly. “Since we’re flatmates I thought it would be good to get to know each other a little.” His speech was quickly punctuated by that same cocky grin.

Kanon huffed, shrugging along despite how irritated that casual smirk made him. "I'm sure you've seen one work before..." He politely examined Ruki with two eager eyes as the other situated himself across from Kanon, vision soon leaving any trace of examination the moment Ruki was aware - back to evaluating printed words and numbers. "I guess that sounds smart." He cleared his throat, for no particular reason, failing to acknowledge the blond as he spoke.

"So...Riku..." He paused momentarily, a sudden jolt nudging his stomach. That was his name...right? He bit his bottom lip in wonderment, mouthing several "R" names silently to himself. Sure...he did look ridiculous...but he was unaware of his actions. "I mean, Ruki. I'm sorry..."

The confusion that passed over Kanon’s face made Ruki laugh out loud with a snigger. “It’s not that difficult to remember.”

A slight pause followed in which Ruki visually examined Kanon, making no mask to hide his actions. He was vaguely good looking, Ruki decided, but it was all shielded behind a shy and somewhat nerdy exterior that from the outside was difficult to get past.

After his eyes had finished their lazy roam, he finally spoke again. “What else are you taking?”

Kanon hummed a low tune in thought, his eyes rolling skyward at the first statement exiting Ruki's obvious dangerous, cunning lips. Kanon was indeed a shy being, but nerdy? He never really classified himself as a "nerd"...he thought it to be completely normal for late-night studying and weekly planning. He was just always set on preparation.

"I take Fashion and Music classes." He paused, eyes skimming freely towards Ruki's countenance with a sense of pride. "Yourself?" A naturally thin eyebrow arched rather highly at the end of his question, expecting a reply.

“Music, eh?” Ruki pondered this for a short moment and what it implied. “I guess we can’t escape each other then,” and with this statement, he looked almost proud. “Supposedly Art and Music.”

“Supposedly?" He blinked a handful of times within the moment, head canting. A string of soft, muffled laughs then spread into the air more smoothly than velvet sheets, and the amused brunette extended his frail arms into the crisp air to stretch, thickly lashed eyes closing as he let loose a shameless yawn. He had barely managed a wink of sleep due to the thought of Ruki insisting on Kanon staying cautious and on guard for whatever reasons the entire night.

“Supposedly meaning I may not go.” He observed the yawn quietly, raising an eyebrow slightly. “You know you really should’ve stayed in bed. Sleep does you good, refreshes the brain for a day of hard studying,” he said, cracking a small smile.

"Sure, sleep does do good for me, but I can easily catch up with it tonight. However I can't be prepared for class later on tonight...because, well, class is in a few hours." He sighed at length, finding it useless to explain himself. "Whatever. You shouldn't be too bothered by my lack of sleep. I can tolerate late nights and early awakenings." He lifted his petite shoulders, shrugging very carelessly.

Ruki smiled slightly, rising to his feet. He slowly made his way towards the small beside table as he spoke, picking up a small cardboard packet. “Aah, well there’s where we disagree on our habits, but at least I won’t bother you too much.” The cocky grin reappeared as he said it; Ruki knew he was going to be a pain to live with with his habbits.

He pulled one cigarette out and held it between his lips, moving to grasp for the lighter that lay next to where the packet had been, and lit up. After inhaling a deep breath he removed the cigarette from his mouth and breathed out. “I hope you don’t mind my smoking,” he muttered rhetorically, moving towards the open window slightly. Apparently Ruki had obviously ignored the clause in his contract with the student housing association which said that smoking was not accepted inside university buildings.

“I’m trying to give up.” He said without much conviction.

"Nah, it's cool." Kanon eyed the exposed package of nicotine tubes with two hungry, deprived eyes. "May I...?" He tossed a finger towards Ruki's newly lit cancer stick, a pointed tongue mindlessly toying with his ball metallic lip ring, purchased some time ago in his high school days, which matched the several bolts in his ears decoratively. Kanon did indeed occasionally smoke upon campus grounds, even if it was strictly prohibited and the risk of being caught was considerably high when patrols and security roamed continuously, but it was a guilty pleasure he simply couldn't avoid.

While the brunette was all in all a well bred, determined college pupil, that didn't mean he failed to play the role of a young, adventurous, curious adult. Kanon loved attending parties and committing rather daring casualties, for the college nightlife supposedly, he just toned that headstrong half out in the presence of a stranger.

“Oooh, the kid smokes?” He asked drawlingly, again not expecting a reply. He nodded, pulling out another and tossing it in Kanon direction. “You owe me,” he muttered as he walked towards the other, holding his lighter out.

Kanon smiled in response, rising to his knobbly knees and craning his neck to allow the other access to the tip of his cigarette. He realized that yes, it was in fact an awkward position and it left Kanon hanging in a vulnerable state - he loathed the feeling. His eyes darted up at Ruki, to the other's knees, then to his expressions at length.

Ruki smiled down at him, letting the moment linger longer than it had to as he felt the other’s increasing discomfort. He cracked a grin and moved to light the other’s cigarette before taking a few steps back, offering the other man some amount of personal space to recover.

He felt relieved as Ruki stepped back, his nerves twitching the slightest out of nervousness. Kanon dropped back to rest his bottom on his heels, inhaling a wad of that precious smoke before exhaling it into the pure air. It almost felt exciting to break a major rule concerning the dorm rooms, for his roommate somehow sparked that feeling within Kanon. "When do you start your classes?"

“Two days,” he muttered grimly as he plopped down onto the floor once more. “Still, that’s two more days to become on first-name-terms with the student bar staff, and make a dent in the loan.”

Kanon chuckled, shutting his textbook without hesitation. He had done enough studying today...he didn't need to slave over the photography contents he already knew by heart, for now there was at least someone to talk to. Before it was different; before he was alone and lacking conversation with something other than the bland wall, or his beloved plushie, tucked beneath his bed spread for protection. "You sound like a lot of trouble, Ruki-kun." He released a trail of gray, running a pale hand through sleek strands.

Ruki feigned shock and insult before taking another long drag of his cigarette. “Me? I’m a perfectly well rounded and civilized individual, I wouldn’t dream of getting myself into trouble.”

"Bullshit." Kanon bluntly stated with an appropriate smirk. It was obvious your all around "shy, wholesome" Kanon was opening up to this delinquent; the suggestive word alone enough to prove. He then tapped a collected bit of ashes gathered at the tip of his nicotine stick against a cheap, clear ashtray bearing several images of penguins and polar bears. He couldn't recall where on earth that was purchased, or what even possessed him to purchase it. He decided it didn't matter and faced Ruki again, almost wincing at the harsh words ripping though his ears.

Ruki laughed loudly at the remark, not sure whether to be shocked or not. “So the kid swears too…interesting,” Ruki grinned, pondering as to whether he would have to re-think his previous assumptions of the other or not.

They sat in silence, smoking for a short while before a strong wind passed through the room. Ruki released a harsh “fuck,” which was quickly followed by “It’s fucking cold.” Ruki was after all still clad only in a flimsy pair of pyjama trousers.

"Aaa...you don't like it cold?" This worried Kanon, for he really wasn't set on changing his lifestyle for anyone. Even if it was the fair, responsible thing to do.

“I like it cold when I’m wearing 5 sweatshirts, several coats and a scarf. Right now I’m wearing nothing and this room is a fucking freezer,” he grumbled, a slight scowl emphasising his last statement. “And before you tell me to change, no.”

Kanon heaved loudly, standing to simply amble towards the open window and slip his tame fingers against the spotless glass, cigarette dangling between two full lips. "If I close the window, we might have a chance of setting off a smoke detector..." His lips curved, his personal experience replaying throughout his mind. He would never forget that. "The damn things are crazy sensitive." He nodded, matter-of-factly.

"Now, either you change, bear with it and stop complaining, or I close this window and risk both of our butts visiting Miss Ringo's office." He listed the options very delicately, the sense of control bearing a foreign feeling, all the while grinning in a playful manner.

“You shithead,” Ruki said, his face an unfriendly scowl; Ruki disliked giving into anyone or being proved wrong. In the light of this he decided to stay put, although he did entertain the prospect of Miss Ringo’s office at first. He’d heard some good things about her - her looks at least – before he thought the wiser.

Kanon only smiled, backing away from the open window to sit beside his roommate. "Surely you don't mean that, eh?" He took in a breath of smoke, and then released it directly into Ruki's face, his smile growing at a fast rate. He was beginning to understand this man already, and they had barely known each other for a full hour. Kanon had an expert way of reading people, and to be honest, Ruki wasn't all too difficult to figure out... not at all.

Ruki grunted slightly, the scowl still visible. “Yes, I really mean it. No use of metaphor, no figure of speech. Your head is made of shit.” He drawled with such conviction that it could only have been meant sarcastically. He rolled his eyes just to confirm it.

“And if you fucking do that again I’m going to have to beat you,” he concluded as the smoke was blown ever so deliberately into his face. His lips however, held the slight lilt of a grin.

"You're probably nothing but words. You can talk, yeah, but I doubt you can walk the walk." Kanon leaned against the sofa behind him, fingers caressing his cigarette so loosely and carefree. He was defiantly amused by Ruki's reaction, which was why he continued to apply pressure to the parts of the conversation that obviously rung Ruki's bell.

Ruki was well aware of the technique Kanon was implementing to wind him up, however he found it hard to suppress the urge to stop feeding into Kanon and step down. “Just shut up, would you? If I wanted to, I could punch your lights out, but I’m not going to. Besides, you’d snap in half if I even laid a finger on you, and we wouldn’t want that now, would we darling?” he smiled, raising a joking quasi-suggestive eyebrow.

Ruki's reaction was priceless, just as Kanon suspected. He stifled a laugh behind a pale hand, cupping it gently around his naturally puckered lips. He merely arched his brow back in Ruki's direction, in doubt and speechlessness.

"Your anger amuses me." He softly stated after an entire minute of complete silence and staring, removing the hand shielding his laughter, which was no longer present. All that was left was a friendly grin.

Ruki attempted to ignore Kanon’s hopeless efforts to shield his laughter, and instead took a deep breath, before once more inhaling from his cigarette. After the minute of silence he calmed somewhat. His cigarette balanced between his lips as he spoke next.

“Well that’s great. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of it.” Ruki’s face was neutral; his expression almost soft now as he spoke in an even, if not slightly mumbled tone brought about by the cigarette.

"Hopefully." Kanon agreed sarcastically, soon after standing to stretch his legs and arms. "I think I'm going to head off to class. You'll be okay alone, ne?" as a matter of fact, Kanon was just being courteous by asking this, but when the words flew from his lips, he realised they sounded very different to the friendly feel he had intended them to have.

A slight anger flashed its way over Ruki’s features, but then calmed quickly; he knew that Kanon was obviously the overtly polite type - despite some of what he had said earlier - so Ruki let it go.

“Uhuh. I can look after myself,” he almost-whined, in that distinct manner that only a teenage boy can manage. Ruki got up too, making his way towards the pile of boxes at the end of his bed; picking up various items and throwing them back down in an attempt to find something to wear. “Have fun, pipsqueak,” he said, casually.

Kanon gently bent forward to retrieve his rather pricey coat from his previous spot in front of the coffee table, as he normally got cold in the corridors and classrooms. He strolled very gracefully towards the exit, fingers gripping the knob before he finally replied. "I will, thanks. You have fun too, punk."

For a moment he lingered between the open door and door frame, giving his roommate a look-over, all the while shaking his head and grinning in the sweet way he normally presented.

"I'll be back later." He promised, closing the single door with barely any force.
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